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Cabins… all over this great country

Here's one in Texas. And one from Indiana. A cabin in California. And... a cabin in Virginia (I built this one :) Here we have four cabins from Texas, Indiana, California and Virginia...  From the deep South to the North, from the Pacific to the Atlantic,  this is a nation of cabin … [Read More...]

Log cabins


A log mill

Have you ever wondered what heaven looks like? Well, here's a peek... a perfect little mill. Don't you think? (I wish I knew the identity of … [Read More...]

Timber Frame

Timbered roof system

The bones of a house

For those who appreciate the "bones" of an old house here's one for you... the roof system of an old estate home in England. Most people have … [Read More...]



A stone staircase

Just going down to the basement dear. Here we have a three-fold knock out combination... the beauty of natural stone, the added elegance of a … [Read More...]

Building Your Own Home

country porch

An eight foot porch

I have a dear friend who purchased a new home a few years ago complete with a front porch. But, for some reason (likely money savings), the … [Read More...]


What is your legacy?

Many cities have stone buildings built prior to 1920's and this is what the team of men and animals would have looked like that helped build … [Read More...]

And all the rest

Inspirational workmanship of others…